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FRM V2 FJB themed AR15 wall mount

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3d digital download: Instant download available.

AR15/22 Floating Rifle Wall Mount - FJB themed 

This is a 3d printable item, in .stl format.

Our FRM v2 rifle mount is designed to mount your Ar15/22 rifle or pistol almost anywhere. The FRM v2 allows you to mount your rifle in nearly any orientation, while being safely secured utilizing the integrated magazine catch.

  • Easy to install
  • Rifle is can be retained in any position
  • Convenient and discrete storage solution
  • Pass-through to allow cable lock to secure rifle
  • Also includes base rifle mount without Logo
  • Let's Go Brandon!

Easy to print on all FDM 3d printers. Print flat on its side to avoid support material and increase strength. 4+ Walls and high infill is recommened.